About me

Bonjour, hello!

I’m Jade. I was born and raised in Reunion Island (it’s a French island ☀️🌴 in the middle of the Indian Ocean). And since I left my little island, I’ve moved around quite a lot. For the last decade, I’ve lived in Marseille, Seoul, Toulouse, Paris and Hong Kong. 

In my professional life, I cultivate a can-do attitude. Although complaining is part of the French culture, I prefer to roll up my sleeves and get things done. In other words, I transform ideas into actionable plans.

I work well in small companies where I can wear different hats and where my multidisciplinary profile is considered a strength. In my first job, I had to handle sales support, brand awareness and event management. And I loved it! 

Apart from my grandmother, I’m the most organised person that I know (apparently it’s true that the apple never falls far from the tree 😉). It’s a blessing in my professional life as I manage my time and my priorities perfectly. That’s why I perform well as a project manager. Here are some complex marketing projects that I handled in the past.

I know that it might sound cheesy, but I am a “friend & family” person. What I enjoy most on my weekends and vacations is spending time with the people I love. They are my rock.

Some topics that I am interested in: feminism, sustainable actions/solutions to fight climate change, learning by playing, the power of storytelling.

Otherwise, I like playing chess with my husband (long before Queen’ s Gambit was released!). I enjoy reading books (my personal challenge is 2 books/month). I love dancing (I practiced ballet for 15 years), having a good beer (I’m a Pale Ale girl), and travelling (when it was still a thing!).

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