What is wrong with this strategy?

When I leave my building, I pass a bank. For the past few days, two ladies have been standing in front of the bank trying to hand out leaflets to passersby. 

From my point of view, it’s such a bad marketing strategy. 

I and all other pedestrians behave in the same way. We avoid walking too close to them and if it is unavoidable, we move our hands very quickly to express that we do not want their stupid flyers. 

I’m very curious about the conversation rate of this campaign. What is their ROI? 

How on earth can anyone think it is a good idea to give a leaflet and explain a product to someone who :
– Is trying to catch the MTR or a bus?
– Is running late to a meeting? 
– Is trying to go as fast as possible into an indoor place with air conditioning because it’s 33 degrees outside? 

What is wrong with this strategy?
1️⃣ Target your audience → It’s not efficient to try to convince everyone. Your customer is not everyone. Your ideal customer has specific characteristics. 
2️⃣ Understand your audience. Put yourself in their shoes. → If they are in a hurry/late/ hot, they won’t stop and listen to you.

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